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Shortbread Biscuits Doldrums Month

If this ship were really in the doldrums there'd be no wind in the sales!

Doldrums happen seasonally with shortbread biscuits! Enjoying hot tea or coffee on the porch isn't a thing this time of year so some people forget to order their Scottish Fix biscuits - but come on now, we generally have air conditioning do we not?

Whey call it doldrums? Old sailing routes avoided the doldrums whenever they could so they wouldn't be becalmed in their craft which had a limited supply of water and vitamin C, the lack of which caused scurvy - which hasn't been appealing, ever. They did have sea biscuits (Not the horse that captured the hearts of the horse racing world) which were a totally brick like cracker that had to be crushed and mixed with a liquid to be edible. You see, they forgot to add sugar and butter to the wheat, salt and water mixture that comprise sea biscuits.

Unlike that not so desirable sea biscuit diet, shortbread became very popular during Queen Elizabeth's reign, at about the same time as the Spanish Armada. Shortbread has never lost that popularity, and while it was available to the rich during the Elizabethan era because the cost of making such a treat wasn't in a normal budget, today it's available to everyone! Which leads us to "Why not pick up some Scottish Fix biscuits with the boss and enjoy your evening in air conditioned comfort"? Really, think about that. You don't have scurvy either.

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