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Thanks for biscuits with the boss!!

Making for non descript American footballers coaching English soccer!! 

Who We Are

How It All Began

Scottish Fix shortbread is unlike any other - for 15 years we've been experimenting with recipes, and our friends have encouraged us to share this wee bit of heaven with the world. So...we tested, researched, tested, adjusted and found what it takes to make our unique shortbread in large hand made quantities with the distinctive quality, texture and taste that is so compelling - and we did it with unequaled dunking qualities too. Here's to giving the world joy with what can only be described as a remarkable culinary experience!

Ingredients; Flour, Sugar, Salted Butter and sometimes Chocolate. Secrets are in the making and baking!

Open Hours

How precious shortbread can be!

Every single day and night on line! When you order, you can expect a shipment within a few days. If you're expecting lots of guests use the contact form and tell us what custom amounts you need.


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No, she's wanting her Scottish Fix. When will he ever learn?