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Here's how to do it - you KNOW there isn't a person on the face of this earth that won't adore your gift of a half dozen cookies - so we'll ship you an single box packed with 12 six piece boxes!! That's 12 gifts...or fewer if you really like your colleagues, friends and relatives and decide to give them 2 boxes each. Every six piece box has 3 original and 3 chocolate chip.

Gift Package!! 12 gift boxes of 6 each.

  • Hey, when you're having a gathering with dedicated dunkers or a big family and friends crowd that appreciate the finer things in life....you need a big box of goodness. Above 3 dozen (which is two 16 sized regular products), we'll package them for you to your specific mix of our products - Dunkers, Buttery Goodness and Choclate Chippers. Just let us know exactly what you want and we'll quote you!