• Angus Scott

We love people like this!!

Dear Scottish Fix, Guess what? Terrible news! My husband is walking the dog! Normally, this would be great news - but not this morning! Background: - My husband is a Co-Owner of XXX - His company services your equipment. - We had our company Holiday Party last night and his employees gifted him with a box of your shortbread! Unfortunately for him, he let his family try some. Bad move! How can we keep from eating the whole box while he’s away with the dog?!? Help! Shortbread has always been John’s thing. His favorite cookie. But I have never experienced shortbread like this before! I bet when we married he thought he would get all the shortbread ever to enter this house. Oh my - I hope this doesn’t effect our next anniversary! Your shortbread is nothing less than incredible. The texture is velvety, the taste is so very fresh. The hint of sweetness atop the shortbread is perfect. How did you get it so fine -it’s like an invisible confectioner’s sugar dusting. You can be sure we will be buying more from your site soon. I’ll wait until after the holidays so you don’t have to work too hard right now. But - you will be seeing orders from us from now on. Thank you for your passion. It’s evident. Your New Best Customer, Heather.

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